Fees and Charges

Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited – DIFC Branch - General Schedule of Charges

Head TYPE of SERVICE Charges***
Minimum Monthly Average Account Maintenance Balance Nil
Account Maintenance Fee per month No charge
Credit Interest payable on such accounts Nil
Non Maintenance Charge In case the stipulated minimum monthly balance is not maintained Nil
Overnight Overdraft Facility Not Available N.A
Third Party Payments Payment to customers, account with us: USD 0.00  
Payments to banks favoring third parties By Electronic Clearing / SWIFT USD 0.00  
Reporting SWIFT 940(**) - daily Waived
E Mail Statement [For more than 5 statements in a month / per statement cost] NIL
Physical Statement USD 0.00
Investigations SWIFT Based Inquiries: Upto 3 months old (per investigation) No Charge
For cases more than 3 months old (per investigation) USD 0.00 
For cases more than 6 months old (per investigation) USD 0.00  
Amendments Swift based Amendment to payment instructions (per instruction)
[Subject to any amendment possible at the time]
USD 0.00  
Cancellations Swift based Cancellations to payment instructions (per instruction)
[Subject to cancellation being possible at the time]
USD 0.00  
Other Transactional / Related Services Charges as per separate agreement
Others Debit Card / Cheque issuance / DD / Courier Not Offered
Adhoc Requests Any other Adhoc Requests by customer Charges will be communicated as and when required.
(**)MT 940 will be sent in the morning of the next reporting day (T+1 day) around 10 a.m. GST. Kotak Mahindra Bank – DIFC Branch will follow the business day schedule of the India Head Office. SWIFT 950 – Not currently offered.
(***)Currently, we are offering facility for only USD. Once, other currencies are offered, charges in those currencies will be equivalent to the USD amounts mentioned above.
Excludes Fees for wealth related products
Initial Deposit Required - NIL