We can sort this for you. Generally, DD is valid for 90 days. In case it is not banked within the validy period,DD expires.
In a situation where your DD has expired, we can revalidate it basis your request and redispatch DD or transfer funds in your other bank account via NEFT.

Here's what needs to be done :

1.CLICK HERE to raise a request.
2.Mention your preference on how would you like to process it - Redispatch DD to home branch or nearest branch ; or Communication address ; or transfer funds to other bank account via NEFT
3.We will check DD status in our records and process request as per your preference

Option 1 : Re-deliver to Home Branch/Nearest Branch – Please mention details of the branch (branch name and branch location) where the DD should be redelivered. You will receive initimation on dispatch status.Post the delivery of the DD, you may visit the branch for collection along with original PAN & Aadhar (as submitted during account opening) .

Option 2 : Re-deliver to registered address – Please share landmark for redelivery at your registered communication address.

Option 3 : Transferred via NEFT* to other bank account – Please attach a copy of your PAN and Aadhar (used during account opening) and a cancelled cheque of your existing account with the other bank where funds need to be transferred. Please note, account holder's name in the other bank where funds need to be transferred via NEFT has to be the same as that in Kotak.

*Please note: NEFT can be made only to an account where the account holder's name is the same as that on their Kotak account

Turnaround time to process request : 7 working days; Landmark for redispatch is required

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Was this information helpful?